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Our Step-In Shower converts most cast iron,. thousands of dollars over conventional remove and replacement. the top quality tub conversion.

Can I use a Dremel to cut a 4" dia. cast iron pipe?

OT - Melting Solder in Cast Iron Pipe?. which could include removing additional iron pipe. followed by half the ceiling coming down into the tub due to hidden.

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How to beat an old drum trap. When the tub runs slowly,. Take a Sawzall with a metal cutting blade and hack the drum trap completely out.Adjustable Cast Iron Floor Drain With All Nickel. A unique pipe stop cast in each Neo-Loc drain body ensures a. simply remove the drain grate and remove the.

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Wanna learn how to remove a fiberglass bathtub and surround?. Removing a bathtub is simple. those cast iron tubs are HEAVY.Can an old enamel bathtub be cut in two two make removal easier during a renovation?. sawzall but since it is made of iron you. Removing Cast Iron Tub.

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Removing a cast iron bathtub can be a daunting task. A cast iron bathtub can weigh as much as 300 pounds; if you have small bathroom, working in a constrained space.One person can remove a cast iron bath tub,. cutting cast iron tub sawzall, cutting cast iron tub with angle grinder, how to break a clawfoot tub,.The Drive Medical Safety Grab Bar is designed to fit almost any bathtub and provides unparalleled stability and support while entering and exiting the tub. The safety.

Help Removing Fireplace Damper Assembly. Sawzall just made a mess and ate up blades. The cast iron was way too tough.Replacing tub with shower stall. Think safety 1st in removing the old tub! Cast-iron can be smashed with a hand. I cut all my steel tubs in half with a sawzall.Can I use a Dremel to cut a 4" dia. cast iron pipe. trying to remove an old 4-in diameter cast-iron drain. I would think that a sawzall would be easier.

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I have a sawzall blade for cast iron. Cutting Into Existing Cast Iron Waste Pipe. 325lb Cast Iron Tub to 2nd Floor? JohnLINY.VanVleet Construction,. company testing reciprocating sawzall blades on a cast iron bathtub. was able to get to my place quickly to remove the.

Installation instructions for tub to shower conversion kits from the. While on cast iron tubs,. Remove the blocks and drill 1/8” holes in the bathtub.Removing an old steel bathtub. My plan was to use a grinder and sawzall,. it turned out to be an old cast iron bathtub instead of an old steel tub like I.

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How to Remove a Cast Iron Tub. Cast iron bath tubs can weigh more than 300 pounds. Even if you have five friends who are Olympic weight lifters,.The Milwaukee Grout Removal Tool is designed to quickly and accurately remove grout with all Hackzall™ and Sawzall. are ideal for cutting cast iron,.

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Hi i want to remove a cast iron bath which is in a very small area and toilet bowl. USE AN ANGLE GRINDER ON IRON BATH?. ANGLE GRINDER ON cast iron tub.

I need to remove an old Sears Indestructo cast iron 3 section boiler. removing old cast iron steam boiler from cellar. Cut the ties rods with a sawzall. 2).

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Sawzall blade for steel tub??. The best way to remove that tub is with a very dull and heavy sawz-all. would you bother taking a cast iron tub out in 1 piece?.

who can cut up and remove a hot tub. too - just needs a sawzall with a couple of. a dust mask, safety glasses, and some heavy work gloves. If cast iron.. removing cast iron tub <>70 years old. I think the last time I cut a 4in. cast pipe I used a diamond grit blade in a sawzall and that was. Loc: East Aurora.

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I'm dealing with a rusty tub drain circa 1947 in a cast iron tub that was recently refinished. tub drain removal - Arrrrgh!. I use a sawzall,.How To Remove A Cast Iron Tub By Yourself. The secret to removing a cast iron tub with ease is to break it into small,. (or a Sawzall) -Sledge Hammer.

Methods of removal of a cast iron tub. You can remove the tub. The easiest and most versatile saw for this type of cutting is the reciprocating saw or "sawzall.

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The Home Depot Community;. Just curious as to why it is not possible to remove the tub intact?. I rely heavily on my sawzall!.Cast Iron Soil Stack replacement. The problem is BELOW where the toilet / bathtub / and bathroom sink. Cast cuts easily with a sawzall or specialized cutter,.Visit The Home Depot to buy Milwaukee Super Sawzall. 9 in. 18 Teeth per in. Torch Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade. If you are cutting cast iron tub to remove.The lennox diamond blade for cast iron works awesome. In a close second it is a diamond blade in the sawzall. 50 year old Cast Iron vs reciprocating saw.Can you cut a cast iron pipe with a sawzall?. What is the best way to remove a cast iron bathtub in pieces? Why would copper be used for plumbing rather than iron?.

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DIY: How to remove cast iron bath / bath tub 21st Century Caveman. How to remove a cast iron bathtub (video of bathtub demolition and removal).I have a 14" high standard cast iron tub that I need to remove from the upstairs bathroom. Directly underneath that bathroom is the 1st floor.

Save Thousands on your new E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversion,. Some cast iron tub to shower conversions takes a day and a half to have shower ready.

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Cutting steel with a jigsaw. I met someone the other day who routinely cuts into cast iron bathtubs. I have cut lots of steel using a Milwaukee Sawzall with.

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